Motion is The Only Constant



the basslines are intricate but never overpowering,and Wright’s flair for composition turns a studio full of soloist into an opportunity for musical expansion of harmonic boundaries “ ——-Record Reactions

When bassist-composer Kenny Wright aspires to the promise of this album’s title ‘Fresh Focus, the resulting songs are like odd shaped pieces’ .these gems show that this talented composer has the potential for much more . Wright’s timing and technical skills are well demonstrated—– Jazz Times

      not that Wright is just another slap happy bassist, he is more prone to finese grooves than hammer away at them “————————— ————-Mike Joyce, Washinton Post

the strong bass grooves and compositionall skill  of  Kenny Wright are featured ” — Bass Frontiers Magazine

it was exhilarating to put the new Kenny Wright Experience into my disc player, ‘Herbie, Miles and me is freaking great ————————————-Music Monthly

” wildly uneven, great funk”——– ——Craig Lytle, Washington Post

Spirit Never Dies just jumps right to the end of the line that Kenny Wright’s idols, (Mingus, Monk, Miles, Motown, Hendrix and Sly) left behind.’ — HBH, Smooth

Critic’s Review


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